Zombie Wrangler includes a level editor that was used to make all the levels in the game. The editor can be launched by running the Editor project instead of the Zombies project in Visual Studio.


The level is based entirely around placing entities. Terrain can be built be placing TerrainPoint entities. See Terrain System for more info. Some entities such as Tree have multiple variations that are randomly chosen when placed to vary the look of the entity. These variations can be changed at and time.

Entity Browser

The entity browser scans the game project for classes that have the [EditorBrowsable] attribute. Any entity with this attribute will show up in the browser and can be used in the level editor. Additionally the editor will load the wiki topic of the entity of reference for the user.


The editor has a parameters tab that allows the user to set any fields on the entities that are marked with the [Parameter] attribute. This parameters are saved in the level's xml file and must be of type int, float, string, Vector2, Vector3 or Vector4.