Section 1 - Game Overview

Game Concept

  • The U.S. government has quarantined the entire West Coast in an effort to contain the zombie plague manufactured by mad scientist Dr. Grudge. The player assumes the role of Dr. Grudge, leading a horde of zombies on a march across America, culminating in the destruction of Washington DC.


  • Levels end at some key destination or completion of objective (destroy building, etc). The player must evade his zombie herd while guiding them through obstacles. There will be enemies like gunmen and bears which can be turned into zombies. At the beginning of every level, after a brief description of the level, the player can choose specific zombies from his herd to use in the level. The game will involve solving puzzles like those in Lemmings, but action/combat will be emphasized as well.

Feature Set

  • 2D top-down at a 45 degree camera angle
  • Zombie AI
    • Chase the nearest food source, including the player
    • Will avoid areas in which another zombie has recently been injured by a non-living obstacle
      • Zombies have a range of possible movement direction, and the range is limited after fellow zombie has been injured
    • Retain use of tools held before zombification
    • Prioritize targets based on perceived threat
  • The player has an array of tools
    • Axe, can chop down obstacles such as trees and barriers, used as weapon
    • Hammer/Nail, build bridges
    • Whistle, lure zombies to the player, can be upgraded for increased range
    • Zombie costume, temporary invisibility to zombies
    • Brains, throw-able, acts as a whistles
    • Bucket, to carry water and other stuff
  • Environmental Hazard
    • Rivers, traversable by humans but not zombies
    • Fires, not traversable
    • Toxic Waste, traversable by zombies
    • Trees, a source of wood
    • Barricades, zombies will eventually break, source of metal
  • Creatures
    • Human --> Zombie
      • Different kinds of humans/zombie counterparts
      • Soldier, Hillbilly, Civilian,
    • Cow --> Health
    • Polar Bear --> ZOMBIE BEAR
    • Peter --> Zombie Peter
  • Levels
    • Urban environment in California, need to round up initial zombies. Should play like a tutorial level.
    • Rural environment in Midwest, need to ford rivers, take over farms
    • Canada, to tame some polar bears
    • Baltimore, very scary
    • Washington DC, for the final battle

Technical Stuff

  • Microsoft XNA 4.0
  • C#, Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Technical goals
    • lighting system
    • Terrain-blending with sprites
    • Level Editor (god mode)